RayBiotech, Inc. Launches World’s Largest Glycan Array

RayBiotech, Inc

NORCROSS, GA, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 02/23/2015 – – RayBiotech, Inc. announced today the launch of the largest commercially available glycan microarray for profiling protein-carbohydrate interactions. This array, known as the RayBio® Glycan Array 100, features 100 synthetic glycans discretely spotted onto a glass slide support. The highly diverse panel of polysaccharides was selected based on a comprehensive literature search that identified the glycan structures most frequently associated with critical cellular functions, including T-cell activation, bacterial and viral binding, innate immunity, and apoptosis.

Glycans are a diverse and complex family of sugar molecules that decorate the surfaces of virtually all eukaryotic cells, bacteria and viruses. Emerging literature indicates that glycosylation of proteins is a highly complex and abundant post-translational modification whose biological significance is only beginning to be understood. Glycan arrays permit researchers not only to profile the specificities of glycan-binding proteins, but could uncover disease-associated biomarkers and putative drug target moieties. Recent advancements in RayBiotech’s microarray printing technology, coupled with improvements in high efficiency glycan production techniques, have enabled RayBiotech to develop an affordable glycan array that is now accessible to the research community.

Commenting on the Glycan Array 100, Ruo-Pan Huang, M.D., Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder of RayBiotech, said, “The release of a glycan array of this density and diversity is groundbreaking. This product launch will be the springboard for the development of even larger and more diverse glycobiology arrays in the future. It is our goal for RayBiotech to be the world’s foremost and leading supplier of products and services for glycosylation detection.”

About RayBiotech, Inc.

In 2001, RayBiotech (http://www.raybiotech.com) introduced the first commercially available cytokine antibody array. With a focus on translating scientific knowledge into improved health, RayBiotech continues to pioneer advances in high-throughput platforms for identifying disease mechanisms, screening and validation of biomarkers and identification of drug targets. RayBiotech products are manufactured under GMP compliance and ISO 13485:2003 certification and are featured in thousands of publications, including: Nature, Nature Medicine, Science, Cell, Lancet, PNAS and many others. Offering the world’s largest selection of antibody and protein arrays, RayBiotech has established a reputation for high quality and innovation in the research community. A spin-off from Emory University, RayBiotech is privately owned, with headquarters in metro Atlanta (Norcross, GA).


For More Information:

Rob Burgess, PhD

Vice President, Global Business Development

RayBiotech, Inc.

Phone: 770-729-2992

Email: rob

SOURCE RayBiotech, Inc.


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